Thursday, May 14, 2009

What to ask New Yorks Bravest??????

Im interviewing my cousin who is a firefighter now and used to be part of NYPD and EMS.... My questions will be focusing more about emotinal labor.....

1) What is your biggest fear besides a burning builiding?
2) What was your worst call of all three jobs?
3)Was there ever anything that happen that you felt you wanted to quit the job?
4)how did you get over a tragic death such as a young child?
5)Was there ever a time you disagreed with a choice your partner made?
6) Which job takes a much more emotinal toll on you?
7)Was there ever a time you had to show bravery when you were scared?
8) Tell me a time when you taught your life was at risk?
9)whats the worst part of all three jobs?
10)If someone wanted the job what would you tell them to get ready for?

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